The best of the web for MUSIC!

Download all your favorite songs and zero-out the memory of your iPod or mp3 player, for FREE!

Fast and clean download, no installation required, no sign ups. Search and download right from the site, 100% virus-free.

NOT like Limewire that needs to be installed on your computer first before you can start searching and downloading and, has tons of unclean files that may harm your computer.

Click here and start downloading now. Have fun!!!

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After downloading your favorite song, wouldn't it be nice if you can set it as your RINGTONE

It's simple. Here's what you gotta do:

First, click here to access the site where you can make your own ringtone.

Then, from the site, click the button that looks like this  

and choose a song from your computer.

Play your song and select only the part of the song you want to hear when receiving a call or text, and click "MAKE A RINGTONE". It's that easy!

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