Creating the Pandora's Battery

The Pandora's Battery is the all-in-one solution for installing CFW for newly bought PSP, upgrading or downgrading your CFW, and best of all fixing bricked PSPs! Isn't that great! The kit includes only 2 stuffs: the JigKick Battery and the MMS.

I hope this will heelp you.

Creating JigKick Battery (Hardmoding)

First of all, before you even think of messing with your PSP battery or buying an additional battery to experiment on, there is actually a ready-made JigKick Battery available in the market. Things today are really simpler!

PSP Max Power Tool

This battery is mass produced by Datel Advanced Gaming Technology based in the UK! You don't have to exert too much effort in creating your own JigKick Battery anymore, all you'll ever need is MONEY! I think its around $25 to $30!

If you don't have the bucks for Datel's battery but lucky enough to have an extra PSP battery, then, here's what you gotta do! (You don't actually need an extra battery, if you have a soldering iron at home, you can always reverse the process and repeat it when the need comes. Just read thru for explanation.)

By the way, this hardmoding works FOR PHAT PSPs ONLY!!! I'll try to search how to softmod/pandorize Slim batteries first, and I'll tell you about it asap. Lets hope it works!

Prepare the following stuffs:

1. PSP battery
knife, or any thin object
tape or glue

Once gathered, follow this steps:

Crack the shell.
Use the knife to slice the battery thru the highlighted side shown in the first picture.

If you turn the battery sideways, you'll see the thin line that joins the two shells, that's where you need to slice thru (click on the second image to see it clearly).

You only need to open the shell, whats inside should remain intact! 
(my battery looks exactly like the one you see in the picture.)

After that, pop open the shell and it should look something like this --->
                                   click to enlarger image --->

Cut the wire!

Now, the sensitive part. Grab the pin and cut-off the wire as shown in this picture. This step actually makes your battery a JigKick battery which (together with the MMS) boots your PSP into service mode everytime you put it in to your PSP! This means, you can't boot your PSP in normal mode using the JigKick battery. You'll have to put back the wire that you just cut-off before you can use your battery in a normal way. 

Cover it.
Now that you're done, you just have to put back the shell of the battery by taping it or, gluing it if you have no intention of opening it again.

That's it! You now have a JigKick Battery! Next thing you need is the MMS!

Again, this is for Phat PSPs only. Using this battery on a Slim PSP will give you a blank screen and will result to nothing. The reason??? Mmm, I forgot, coz it's pretty technical and I don't really understand it myself! So, you can just search for it in PSPWiki, I saw the reason there.

Creating the Magic Memory Stick (MMS)

Well, not like the JigKick battery, no company is producing a ready-made MMS, but if you really want one, I know you can find it on
eBay®, if you really have the bucks. But if not, well, might as well read thru...

Prepare the following stuffs:

1. computer with Windows XP operating system (OS)
original Sony memory stick (MS) between 1GB to 4GB
PSP (with or without CFW) and USB cable or MS card reader
these files!

First, you must extract the downloaded file (item no. 4 above, click there to download) to your desktop (or any location that's easy for you to find). If you don't have an extractor, it's here.
After extraction, open the folder and it should contain the following:

Open the "Read 1st" folder and you will find 2 folders there with the names "msinst" and "mspformat". Copy these two folders and paste them to drive C: as you can see in the image:

Now, insert the MS to the PSP and connect the PSP to the computer using the USB cable. Then, enable USB connection on your PSP. Or if you don't have a USB cable, you can stick the MS into a card reader and use that to connect to the computer. Once connected to the computer, your MS will be recognized as a removable disk drive. You will see this if you open "My Computer" on your computer. Take note of the drive letter because you will format that drive. Ok?!

Lets start! Step by step!

1. Click the Start button, select RUN and type: cmd
    then hit enter.
2. Type:
cd c:\
    then hit enter. It should take you to C:\> or
C prompt.
3. Type: mspformat\mspformat.exe X
then hit enter. The letter X represents the drive letter of your MS as indicated in "My Computer".
    It will tell you that all data will be lost and ask you if you want to continue.
4. Type:
    then hit enter. After that, it should say:
Drive succesfully formatted, and partition moved.
5. Disable USB mode from your PSP, remove the memory stick
from your PSP, insert it back and re-enable USB mode.
    Or if you're using a card reader, simply plug it off from the computer and connect it back in.
- I don't know the reason for this step, but just do it! Trust me.
6. Open the file that you've extracted once again and choose between the folders:
    "Original Pandora"
(for Phat) or "Despertar v3" (for Slim)
    Open whichever folder you choose and c
opy everything that's in there.
- for me, I chose "Original Pandora" folder because I have a Phat PSP.
7. Open the MS and paste the files there.
8. Go back to cmd window and type:
msinst\msinst.exe X msinst\msipl.bin
then hit enter. Still, the letter X represents the drive letter of your MS.
    It will ask you:
Are You Sure?
9. Type:
then hit enter. That's the last thing you'll ever do! After that, it should say: Write MS BOOT CODE

Voila! Your Pandora's Battery is complete! You're now ready for the next move! Customize your PSP!

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