The iPhone is really the best all-in-one gadget in the market today! Plus, with all the available (and affordable) apps in the App Store, the functionality of the iPhone is almost limitless! From simple stuff like accessing Facebook, managing schedules, and checking the weather, to complex ones like monitoring the stock market, real-time GPS tracking, and bookkeeping personal transactions, plus the all-new gaming experience, there'll be no boring moments anymore! You can also read books, even the bible in it. And last week, I just discovered another sweet stuff! You can even use it as a wireless trackpad! How cool is that! Yeah baby!

I was actually searching for a wireless mouse from eBay when I saw a concept of an Apple tablet computer. It's touchscreen, of course, so I realize it's like a huge MacBook and iPhone combined! Being touchscreen, it doesn't need a mouse or maybe even a keyboard! Then I wondered, is there an app in the App Store that would allow my iPhone to function as a mouse or a trackpad? So I searched and WTF, THERE IS!

The app is Air Mouse, and it works smoothly with my iMac! It's also compatible with PCs so you don't have to worry if you're computer didn't came from the Apple Store. Plus, it also offers basic keyboard functions for typing, and lots of other cool features.

To make it work, you need to download and install the Air Mouse Server to your computer (it's free, anyway). It's easy and once you start to use app, you'll love it!

Another great stuff about this is that it's only $1.99! Wireless mouse goes around $40 to $80! It doesn't even include a wireless keyboard, which cost roughly the same! That's a lot of savings!

 hesitate on downloading this app! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!