Read this guide before doing anything...


iPhone / iPod Touch cannot connect to you tube

push notification issues

GPS location

... others

These problems were caused by upgrading your device from one jailbreak to another.


Jailbroken iPhone / iPod Touch with Cydia

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Follow these steps and I guarantee that your problem will be solved!

1. Open Cydia

2. In the opening page, look for: More Package Sources, and tap on it to open a list of other app repositories that you can add to your existing repositories. Repositories are like databases for apps, you will find more apps from your Cydia list after adding a certain repo (repository). But you must take note of the warning on top of the "More Sources" page before installing all other repos.

3. After that, look for: iPhoneModding, and tap on it. You must install this repository before we can proceed to the next step. Don't worry, everything here is free.

4. After you've completed installing iPhoneModding, look at the bottom tabs in Cydia and tap on Manage. When the "Manage" page opens, you will see "Sources" in the middle - tap on it.

5. When the "Sources" page opens, look for the latest repo that you've just installed (the iPhoneModding) and tap on it. That will take you to the list af all the apps / themes available in this repo.

6. Look for "Push Fix", and tap on it. To make your search easier, tap on the letter "P" on the right side of your iPhone / iPod Touch window to take you directly to the apps / themes starting with "P".

7. Install Push Fix.

8. After installation, you are required to reboot your device and after the reboot, you can go ahead and try the YouTube app.

And you're all done!



Cydia by Saurik


Push Fix by Darks