This morning, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest product yet, the iPad.

It's been a subject of speculations for thousands of years, ever since Moses raised the first tablets telling us the stuffs we should not do. Now, Apple is raising a whole new kind of tablet that is showcasing the cool stuffs that we could do after they've merged the iPhone and the Mac together into one device that thou shall call, iPad.

So, base from their presentation, let's see what are the good and the bad things that we can get from this device.

Let's start off with THE BAD ones.
First, the name. iPad? C'mon... What the heck is that? A NAPKIN? Is Apple trying to test our pronunciation skills? This name will cause a worldwide confusion, like the Olsen twins, especially in Asia - "I want an iPod! Not that picture frame, damn it! I want the one that plays music and fits in my pocket!" Man, they should really change this name.

Second, the look. It just looks like an iPhone for Hagrid, you know the giant guy from Harry Potter films, and to tell you honestly, it is way below than what I am expecting to come out from Apple. I mean, the whole world was amazed when they released the first iPod, then the iPod touch, and then the iPhone, not to mention all the new Macs and the Magic Mouse, and now this, iPad? No way, man. They couldn't even come up with a better name. iPad? C'mon. Really, iPad?! 
Third, let's go deeper and talk about the OS. I don't know, but it's not so great to see that this device, as beautiful as it is, is only running with the same OS as that of the iPhone. I was expecting that it's gonna have the Mac OS X, that way it could really function as a laptop, but it's all done already, maybe Apple plans to release another device that runs on Mac OS X, next time.

And another huge disappointment in connection to this iPhone OS, there is no Finder! For PC users, you use Windows Explorer to browse the contents (files and folders) of your PC, for Mac users, this is what we use, Finder. How are we suppose to organize and manage our files from this iPad when we don't even have a way to access it? Like for a certain person who downloads bank statements online, where is he/she suppose to save those, or would he/she be even allowed by the device to download these important files? I hope Apple has a solution to that.

Also, having said that it runs with iPhone OS, we cannot sync our iPhones/iPods to this device! Yes, that's true, and at the same time sad. Imagine syncing one iPhone to another iPhone, IMPOSSIBLE!!! This means, like the iPhones/iPods, we need to sync this iPad to our Mac/PC, too. This shortcoming shows us literally that it's nothing compared to a Macbook, although Apple classifies it as another breed of device, in between the iPhones and the Macbooks.

Fourth, the capacity. 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB. Not bad, 'coz it's running iPhone OS, but if you'll be storing huge files, this device will fall short. I just wonder how can the smaller iPod classics have 160GB of memory and this larger and more useful device only have a max of 64GB? And I doubt if we can even put other files in it.
That's a lot of negative stuff for a very pretty and hi-tech device! Let's head on to THE GOOD stuffs..
First, the experience. It has a 9.7" multi-touch display giving us larger and clearer view of photos, videos and websites all controlled by the touch of a finger. And it also has the accelerometer that brought the all-new gaming experience on the iPhone. 
Did I mention games? Yes, games in the iPad will be better with its larger screen!
Second, its built. The dimensions: 9.56" long, 7.47" wide and just half of an inch thick. Yes, that's how sexy it is! And being sexy, it's also lightweight, just .73 kg (1.6 lbs). Though it looks like an oversized iPhone, it still is the sexiest and lightest device of its kind.

Third, the OS. You've read about the negative stuffs that comes with having the iPhone OS for this device, now here are the good ones. With this OS, all the apps that you've been using in your iPhone is 100% compatible with this new device. What does that mean? It means that all you need to do is sync all your apps from your iTunes library (from you Mac/PC) to this new device, and you're all set to use them in this new device without any modifications! Isn't that amazing?! And that also includes all your favorite iPhone games!

And not only that, you also have all the 140,000 apps in the AppStore available for download. No need of modification. But of course, Apple has already spread the news to all the biggest app developers to improve their apps to make use of every pixel available in this new device's screen. They even have an all-new iWork apps especially made to work with the touch functionality of the iPad. You'll need to watch the video (click here) direct from Apple to see it (head straight to 00:57 min. for the iWork part).

Fourth, reading it. We all know that iTunes already have some popular books available for download. Now, iPad has taken it to the next level by giving us another new app called iBooks. This app is an eBook reader and a gateway for the new iBookStore at the same time. 
Fifth, the battery. With its slim design, we may think that they've compromise the usage hours of this new device. Well, they didn't. In fact, they've even extended it to 10 hours on one full charge. How cool is that. You'll be all sleepy after 8 hours of browsing the web but your iPad is still up and running!
Fifth, the price. Part of the speculations about this device is that it will cost around $1,000 when it's made available on the market. All those speculations are WRONG! Steve Jobs surprised everybody when he announced the jaw-dropping price of only $829 for the highest models and only $499 for the lowest. Anybody who wants to experience what it's like to have an Apple gadget must buy this one.  
Overall, I guess it's still a great device for those people who use their computer mainly for web browsing and emailing. But for those who want to keep track of their files at work, or those who use their computer for more than just to access the internet, it's still better to have a Macbook, but only until Apple resolves this issue.

I'm still having second thoughts on whether I should buy this iPad or just buy a Macbook instead.

Help me decide and post your comments.

For detailed info about the iPad, go to Apple's official website or click here.