It was just recently that Apple unveiled the iPad, its greatest device ever, and then launched the iPhone OS 4 which brings multitasking to the iPhone. Although they've been introducing lots of new stuffs lately, they don't seem to be ready to unveil the next-generation iPhones just yet, which leaves us speculating on how it would look like, or what new features would it have. We even use our imaginations to come up with our own designs. 

But those speculations were put to an end when a software engineer named Gray Powell failed to keep his things together and unluckily left his unit of the next-generation iPhones at a certain beer garden in California. It fell into the hands of the people who are generous enough to give us a glimpse of what this new Apple device looks like and what are the new components built into it!

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Here are some of the new stuffs about it: It is confirmed that it will now have a front-camera for video chatting/calling. The shape significantly changed from being shaped like a soap to now being like a matchbox or typically shaped like the iPod classic. The back-camera now has a larger lens and also comes with a flash. I would guess the camera can produce 5 to 10 mp photos.

Here we have the next-generation iPhone alongside iPhone 3GS.

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Jason Chen and Jesus Diaz